23 Best Basketball Team Gifts (They Will Love These) (2024)

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Basketball players work hard for their team throughout the season and they’ve earned their keep. They should be praised and given the best gifts to feel better appreciated.

Right now, we’ve created a list of top-notch basketball team gifts. Pick the right choice to show your basketball players and coaches how much you truly care!

23 Exclusive Basketball Team Gifts

1. Travel Equipment Bag


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Fitdom 130L 36" Heavy Duty Extra Large Sports Gym Equipment Travel Duffle Bag W/Adjustable Shoulder...

  • HEAVY DUTY XL CAPACITY FOR YOUR ADVENTUROUS NEEDS – Measured at 36”x15”x15” and capable of holding weight up to 80 lb it is one huge oversized duffel bag that can handle everything you throw...

Basketball teams have to carry so much equipment with them whenever they go on the road. Having a sturdy, heavy-duty bag to carry basketballs, towels, and other equipment is a great idea.

This bag is ideal because it’s durable, it’s extra-large and made of sturdy stuff, and it can hold up to 80 pounds of equipment.

2. Basketball Team T-Shirt

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Love Basketball Team Fan Gift T-Shirt

  • Perfect birthday bday christmas thanksgiving fourth of July Halloween gifts for kids, mom, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter, boys, girls, friend, sports team fan who love to play, practice, train,...

This T-shirt truly epitomizes the saying “for the love of the game.” It reminds basketball players just how much they truly love their favorite sport.

This is a great gift for teammates of all persuasions because the shirt is available for men, women, and children. It comes in five different colors and it really stresses how much the wearer loves this awesome sport.

3. Tribute Basketball Jersey

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It’s nearly impossible to love the game of basketball without being a huge fan of Kobe Bryant. Better known as the Black Mamba to family and friends, Bryant is considered one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game.

Although he tragically passed in a helicopter accident, this jersey commemorates his life, his accomplishments on the basketball court, and his achievements as a man, a father, and a decent human being.

4. Reversible Basketball Jersey

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Liberty Imports Reversible Men's Mesh Athletic Basketball Jersey Single for Team Scrimmage...

  • YOUR TEAM. YOUR COLORS - Fully reversible with 2 color layers. Lets you rep your team while helping keep you cool and comfortable through every move. Premium quality men's blank basketball jerseys for...

Plainly and simply, basketball teams need practice jerseys. This jersey is great because it’s reversible, meaning it’s mostly black with a smattering of yellow on one side, and on the reverse side it’s mostly yellow with a smattering of black.

This is great for teams because you can split them up during practice to play pickup games and easily differentiate which teammates are on one team or the other.

5. Custom Embroidered Hats

One of the easiest ways to get your basketball team to feel like a group is getting them all custom embroidered hats. These hats will all have the team name and the logo of a basketball on the front. It will foster unity and make the teammates feel more like a family.

These hats are available in six different colors including black/orange, black/purple, plain black, black/red, dark gray, and heather gray.

6. Contact Training Pad

I really appreciate this extra special invention because it allows teams to play rough and make contact without having to worry about hurting one another.

This contact pad makes it possible to simulate situations that take place in a regular basketball game. It allows coaches to teach players using finishing drills and physical contact during ball handling and shooting.

Plus, it’s durable, lightweight, and easy to carry.

7. Basketball Arcade Game

Want to know what I love the most about this basketball arcade game? It’s large enough to create a real challenge, yet it’s fun to play against another person.

Your basketball players will gladly practice their jump shots as they go head-to-head with each other and attempt to win the game by following the large LED scoreboard.

It’s waterproof, features 16 different games, it’s accurate, and built with durable construction.

8. Elite Basketball Trampoline

Basketball teams love this trampoline set up because it makes it possible for their players to take their game to the next level.

How so? The trampoline helps players work on their dunks and jump shots. It also has a basketball hoop that attaches to the top of the trampoline, so players can play basketball as they improve their ability to jump higher and farther.

9. In-Ground Basketball Hoop

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Silverback 60" In-Ground Basketball System with Adjustable-Height Tempered Glass Backboard and...

  • PRO-STYLE LOOK AND PERFORMANCE — Premier in-ground basketball goal offers the performance of gymnasium-style goal

Basketball teams appreciate this in-ground hoop because they can set up outdoors on the playground or near the gym and have an outdoor hoop to practice on whenever the weather permits.

This is a great hoop because it’s adjustable, made with tempered glass, and it’s even flexible, so it’s not going to snap when one of your teammates goes up for a dunk and slams down on the rim.

It includes a backboard pad and a five-year Limited warranty too.

10. Portable Basketball Hoop


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WIN.MAX Basketball Hoop Outdoor 3.8-10ft Adjustable Height, 44inch Backboard, Swimming Pool...

  • 【Professional basketball goal system】This is not a ordinary basketball hoop toy, but the PROFESSIONAL basketball starter training set, WIN.MAX Basketball Hoop uses an 18" standard size basketball...

This hoop comes in incredibly handy when a basketball team suddenly loses their practice space and they need to set up another hoop quickly. It’s perfect for indoors or outdoors and it sets up easy and fast.

It delivers maximum strength, incredible stability, and the hoop and backboard are made of high-strength materials. It’s a wonderful choice when teams need a portable hoop in a pinch.

11. Men’s Basketball Sneakers

Having the right footwear will make a basketball team perform at their best. These Kevin Durant inspired sneakers are just what the basketball coach ordered.

They are sleek, flexible, stretched and broken in, and they even have cushioning at the bottom of the sneakers that makes it feel like you’re stepping on a cloud. The soft inner foam core and lightweight mesh keeps these sneakers comfortable and supportive.

12. LED Light Pods

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Blazepod Reaction Training Platform Improves Reaction Time And Agility For Athletes, Trainers,...

  • ✔️ TRAINER KIT - Your Pods are the foundation of your training experience. Trainer kit is great for all trainers on the move for one-on-one or small group training. More Pods give you more...

Basketball teams worked their butts off every day to improve their performance on and off the court. These LED light pods are perfect because they help basketball teams improve their fitness, their reaction time, their agility and speed.

Coaches love these light pads because when they use them with their teams, they gain the ability to maximize their potential. Plus, it’s a fun training exercise that teammates seem to really enjoy.

13. Stainless Steel Pendant

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Susook Basketball Cross Necklace for Boys Bible Verse I CAN DO All Things Stainless Steel Sport...

  • Pendant Unique Design: The shape of the cross is filled with the basketball pattern. Beautiful engraving and filling design Combine An inspirational Bible verse from PHILIPPIANS 4:13 "I CAN DO ALL...

I believe this pendant makes an amazing team gift because it’s beautiful, it’s made of sturdy stainless steel, and it’s in the form of a cross, which is important to many teams throughout sports including basketball.

On the front, half of the images of an orange basketball, and the other side says I can do all things, which is the popular Philippians 4:13 Bible quote.

14. Nike Men’s Shorts

Every basketball team needs high quality gear to work out in before their next big game. Nike is synonymous with basketball sneakers and other athletic apparel, so it makes sense to get them a pair of Nike shorts for their workouts.

These particular shorts are comfortable, made of 100% cotton, and they have a vintage athletic look, so players and teammates will absolutely love them!

15. Sports Travel Bags

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Riakrum 12 Pieces 16.5 Inch Ball Drawstring Backpack Cinch Drawstring Bag, Sack Pack String Bag for...

  • Ample quantity: you will get 12 pieces of drawstring bag with classic ball patterns, enough in quantity and classic design to meet your daily use and changing needs

Traveling from one opponent to the next is challenging for basketball teams to say the least. There’s a lot of equipment to bring and keep track of and it can become very overwhelming at times.

This 12-piece drawstring travel bag set is just what your team needs. It’s the perfect size to fit basketballs snugly and comfortably. Or you can fill them up with other gear in a reliable and safe way.

16. Basketball Keychains


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WILLBOND 24 Pieces Basketball Wristlet Keychain Basketball Keychains with Motivational Quotes...

  • Sufficient quantity: you will get 24 pieces of basketball wristlet keychains with motivational quotes in 3 styles, each style accounts for 8 pieces, enough for your daily wearing and sharing with...

I think this makes a great gift for any basketball team because these keychains remind them about never giving up and never quitting. It reminds teams that if they work hard and never give up, they will succeed and become champions in the end.

These keychains are focused on greatness and motivation and they are a practical way to hype up your team to do great things this season!

17. Adjustable Charm Bracelets

23 Best Basketball Team Gifts (They Will Love These) (16)

Jadive 20 Pieces Basketball Bracelets Adjustable Basketball Charm Bracelet Basketball Cord Braided...

  • Basketball design: these basketball bracelets are mainly designed around the basketball sport theme, suitable for a team, which can be shared by each player

This 20-piece bracelet set is perfect for teams looking to foster unity amongst its players. Each bracelet is made with an adjustable cord made of wax rope and they each have a silver basketball charm to enhance the design.

This set is suitable for players of all sizes and it will fit most wrists.

18. Motivational Silicone Wristband

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Aoriher Basketball Motivational Silicone Wristband Decorations, Basketball Party Favor Bulk for Kids...

  • Package contents: you will get 36 pieces of basketball silicone wristbands in 4 kinds of different styles, 9 pieces for each style; The sufficient quantity can meet your various activity needs, you...

After trying hard to foster unity amongst your team, it might be easier to give them motivational wristbands with a basketball theme.

Not only are these wristbands attractive, but they also come in multiple colors and 36 pieces. They remind players that anything is possible, that they should never give up, and that victory is within their reach!

19. Light Up Basketball


23 Best Basketball Team Gifts (They Will Love These) (18)

GlowCity Glow in The Dark Basketball for Teen Boy - Basketball Gift - Glowing Red Basket Ball, Light...

  • 30 HOURS OF GLOW - Perfect for kids, teens and the whole family! This size 7 (29.5") LED basketball features 2 lights that are good for up to 30 hours of nighttime play.

Maybe you want to mix things up and have your team practice outdoors at night. An easy way to play hoops in the relative dark is to get an LED glow-in-the-dark outdoor basketball.

This ball has two LED lights, enclosed in a dark, and it comes with batteries that last for up to 30 hours.

20. Sports Stress Balls


23 Best Basketball Team Gifts (They Will Love These) (19)

Set of 24 Sports 2.5" Stress Balls - Includes Soccer Ball, Basketball, Football, Baseball Squeeze...

  • FUN SPORTS-THEMED SENSORY TOYS: Make playtime more exciting with our sensory toys featuring vivid sports-themed designs. These make perfect gifts, party favors, or stocking stuffers for kids.

Like any other organization, your basketball team might feel a tremendous amount of stress before a big and important game. These stress sports balls are just what the doctor ordered.

Get a set of 24 stress balls in the shape of a basketball. Your teammates can squeeze them during particularly difficult moments to relieve their tension at the most critical moments.

21. Lanyard Whistles

Guess what? Basketball coaches need the right gear to properly coach their team to victory. These handy whistles are ideal to use during practice to keep things organized and on schedule.

This whistle is extra special because it reminds coaches that basketball is more than just a game. It shows them that their presence becomes a life-changing part of their players’ lives.

22. Engraved Basketball

23 Best Basketball Team Gifts (They Will Love These) (21)

Tree Life Engraved Basketball Gifts for Son - to My Son from Mom Your Limitation It’s Only Your...

  • ✔SIZE and WEIGHT- Official size 7,29.5 inch,weight:1.36 lb.Proper Inflation Level: 7 -9 PSI.The basketball get the encourage message engraved on the ball.

This basketball is the ultimate gift for sons that also plan a basketball team. The engraving is customized, beautiful, and it reminds the boy to never give up and use his imagination.

This gift is about more than basketball. It’s about convincing kids to aim high to achieve their dreams. It’s about reminding them just how special they really are.

23. Sports Bottle


23 Best Basketball Team Gifts (They Will Love These) (22)

Gatorade Gx Bottle , Black, 30oz

  • Includes (1) 30oz Gatorade Gx Refillable Squeeze Bottle

Every team needs plenty of fluids to remain hydrated during practices and games. The Gatorade Gx hydration system is the perfect sports bottle to keep players hydrated and safe at all times.

These bottles are inexpensive and they are available in 12 different colors, which makes them the perfect gift for a basketball team.

Players will love these Basketball Gifts Ideas!

Finding the ideal basketball team gifts is never the easiest thing to accomplish. Thankfully, you don’t have to comb through the Internet to discover the right gifts any longer. I shared my favorites with you above.

Make your basketball team’s lives easier by getting them these incredible team-focused gifts.

Choose a meaningful option that will help the team improve over the course of their season.

  • 23 Best Basketball Team Gifts (They Will Love These)

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23 Best Basketball Team Gifts (They Will Love These) (2024)
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